Monday, August 1, 2011

The wearing of rings

Although this challenge is finished I will continue to post other small stones, or observations on life, from time to time.

Wedding and eternity rings
worn thin with the years
rest comfortably against each other
in metaphor of their life together.


Anonymous said...

I love the sentiment of this stone. I have my late Mother-in-law's eternity ring which I wear next to my wedding ring, with the sense of continuity that it brings.

I'm glad you plan to continue,it will be nice to have your company and I hope to still meet you here from time to time.

Sandra Davies said...

Another coincidence since I was idly examining the look of the wedding and eternity rings on my finger yesterday (but also thinking about the engagement ring lost)
I'm glad you will continue to write here - I hope to continue too, and strongly suspect that if there are others we read who do likewise that will be a spur.